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The TIPINID teepee, an essential for babies and children! 

Outdoors, it guarantees them protection against the wind and the sun's rays. En intérieur, il trouvera toute sa place dans la chambre et deviendra vite sa cabane idéale ! Utilisation de la birth up to 6 years.

  • OEKO-TEX® fabric 
  • No anti-uv certificate for this fabric
  • Made in France & Portugal
  • Lightweight (1.8 kgs) and very easy to install
  • Easily transportable thanks to its quiver backpack sold with the Tipi
  • Dimensions: 1.2m high by 1.2m (approximately) in circumference
  • Possibility of associating it in addition the matching TIPINID mat


Checkered Teepee

€125.00 Regular Price
€75.00Sale Price
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