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Parenthood interview : Paloma from Madrid


Four years ago, whilst looking for the honor's dresses for my children, I had the chance to meet Paloma, the co-founder alongside her sister Marta, of the adorable Spanish brand Martaussia.

As I wanted something personal for my wedding, we have created together a tailored dress that later on she called the "Modelo Maud" ! I felt very happy and thankfull to have something unique thanks to Paloma ;)

She has now just become a mom, and I wanted to know more about her first impressions as a mother !

Could you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Paloma, I am 27, I work and live in Madrid and I own, together with my sister who is also a mother, a children's clothing business (@martaussia)

When did you say to yourself "I'm ready for a baby"?

I guess it wasn't really something we planned...we were certainly open to the idea of having a baby but it sort of came as a happy surprise!

When you announced your pregnancy, were you overwhelmed by happiness or stress?

Both? I believe that a baby coming to your life is a blessing but when I got pregnant, even if I was very happy and excited, I also couldn't help but feel that I was too young and inexperienced...

How do you balance your life between your work and your baby?

I feel very lucky in that regard as although I work long hours, my job is flexible and I live 10 minutes away from our store so this gives me the opportunity to spend a lot of time with him. A lot of mothers don't have the chance to be in the same position and really struggle to reach such balance, I find them very brave and have a lot of respect and compassion for them.

Do you manage to still find some "me time"?

It's extremely important to take breaks so I always manage to find a little bit of time for myself, so that I can reset and carry on with my new rhythm. I try to spend as much time as I can with friends and family, and especially with my husband. We try to have some alone time at least a couple of times a week!

Which kind of relationship do you have with your body since you gave birth?

I admit I was first very worried about my body transformation but luckily, I managed to get my body back as it was in no time with the help of lotions, a lot of exercise and most importantly a healthy diet which played an important role in losing my baby weight .

It goes without saying that Covid, it is a delicate climate to give birth to a child. How do you imagine your baby's future in 30 years?

Unfortunately, giving birth during this pandemic, opened our eyes to the challenging world our children will face growing up, however, with the right education focusing on the right values, my husband and I believe our children will be able to take the right path. It will certainly be challenging but I also feel very hopeful and excited to lead them throughout this journey.

Do you feel you are now a fulfilled woman?

I think I can say that I am a fulfilled woman, but there is always room for improvement - life wouldn’t be fun without some sort of continuous growth!

What about your partner, what was his reaction?

My husband always wanted children and was very used to having little ones around - he has a large family and lots of his friends were already when the news came he was very excited and was ready to embrace fatherhood ! I couldn't do without his constant love, support and help with the baby!

I hope you liked this first interview and if you would like to share some feedback or ask us some questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me on Instagram @_tipinid !

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